About Us

Denise Yern, Massage Therapist

This is a new company started in 2018, I started the Company after completing the degree in Therapeutic and Sports Massage from Southern Institute of Technology (SIT).

I chose to do the Bachelor of Therapeutic and Sports Massage (BTSM) because of the high standard in massage training set out in the BTSM program.

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Mission Statement

Hands on Therapy is committed to providing the best massage service to the Franklin area for customers that are interested in their health and well-being, of any age or gender, oncology, rehabilitation, pregnancy and sports.

Hands on Therapy offer therapeutic treatments that will assist the client in their recovery from a dysfunction/condition using assessments, skills and knowledge that a degree qualified therapist can offer.

Provide the best massage service by:

  • Supplying a beneficial therapeutic massage that is effective.
  • Being known for its quality care of its clients within the health profession.
  • A professional reputation within the massage industry and with other health professionals.
  • A good reciprocal working relationship with other health professionals.
  • Provide a comprehensive assessment and care plan for its clients.
  • Ongoing professional development.
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Give back to the community by providing discounted treatments for over 65 and those that work within the services.

Over 65

20% discount

Ambulance, Fire, Police

20% discount

Long term clients

Please discuss with your therapist